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Do you find yourself giving and giving to others only to find you have no time or energy to answer your own soul's deepest longings? Does it feel like something is dying inside of you for lack of nourishment? Or perhaps you wonder why, even though you are successful at what you do, you feel a growing emptiness inside. Or perhaps none of these apply and you simply want to feed your already healthy relationship with God. In any case, a retreat is for you!

A retreat is an invaluable part of our spiritual live. Most spiritual directors would encourage those under their direction to go on retreat at least once a year. It is a time set apart from the normal course of our daily lives when we can delve deeper into our spiritual life; a time to increase our self knowledge and to nurture our love affair with God. Since we cannot give what we do not have, a retreat is far from selfish. It is self-giving so that we might be better vehicles of God's love in the world. So take a retreat. You deserve it, and God desires it.

Frequently asked questions about retreats:


A sabbatical differs from a retreat in several ways. While a retreat is something a person might take once or twice a year, a sabbatical is far less frequent, but of much longer duration. Sabbaticals are wonderful opportunities to really plumb the depths of one's spiritual life in a way that a shorter retreat cannot provide. Sabbaticals are especially important for those people who spend most of their personal or professional lives serving others and seldom are given the time or opportunity for their own spiritual development. Left unchecked this can quickly lead to "burn-out."

Both Holy Hill Hermitage and Nada Hermitage are uniquely suited for those who want sabbatical time which they can structure themselves to suit their soul's deepest needs. Whether you are looking for a place to rekindle your spiritual life, or write a book, or simply to rest, a sabbatical experience in one of our hermitages may be just what you need.

Sabbaticals generally last a minimum of one month and a maximum of six. If you have not been on retreat with us before, we would request a letter of referral from your professional or religious superior. Special financial considerations are made for those who come on sabbaticals. Please contact either Holy Hill or Nada directly if you would like to come on sabbatical.

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